Remembering our Founder

Today, November 11, 2016 marks the 5 year anniversary of our founder, Walter K. Myers’ passing. This company know as KPartners Hotel Management has Mr. Myers to thank for its success over the years.

After Mr. Myers’ passing, Mr Myers’ widow made a difficult decision and sold all but two of its hotels off. After doing so, his widow decided that she wanted KPartners to live on and be successful in the name of her late husband. Even though we had just sold off the majority of the hotels we owned and managed, we built our company back up, re-positioned its focus and began third-party hotel management. KPartners prides itself on the wonderful relationship we have with each of the hotel owners, our staff that is the best of the best,and the legacy that Walt Myers left us.

Today in remembrance of Walter K. Myers, his family invited us to join them in a balloon release ceremony. We each wrote a little note to Mr. Myers telling him how much we missed him, thanked him for his leadership and some even sent him a little joke. We tied our notes on balloons and released them into the Texas sky.

KPartners Hotel Management is a strong and influential company in the third-party hotel management business . We are so thankful to where we are today and we have Mr. Myers to thank for that.



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